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The Inpart Saúde platform is a true HUB for health plan operators, hospitals, manufacturers and suppliers of OPMEs, in a secure and auditable environment it is possible to carry out everything from the quotation to the attachment of the invoice.

At Inpart Saúde it is possible to customize the flow according to the customer's needs, in addition to standardizing the process according to ANVISA registration and validity.

  • Automation and management of the quotation and purchase process for OPMEs;
  • Online platform with all management of the purchasing process;
  • More business opportunities for both ends (paying source and OPMEs suppliers);
  • Traceability and transparency throughout the chain;
  • System in accordance with compliance and LGPD standards;
  • Customized solutions according to business needs;
  • Integrations with large ERPs;
  • Registration monitored with ANVISA;
  • Friendly and centralized interface;
  • Flow rules and permissions defined by the customer;
  • An exclusive customer service support that accompanies your business.

that we deliver

  • OPMEs management and purchasing system;
  • Develop, catalogue, manage online database of OPMEs;
  • Integrate the entire chain that makes up OPMEs;
  • Automate and manage OPMEs quotation and purchasing processes, preserving the integrity and history of information;
  • Inpart Saúde System is integrated with the main existing hospital management systems;
  • Customized solutions focused on customer needs.

Inpart Saúde

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Inpart Saúde offers a comprehensive range of services to optimize the management of Orthoses, Prostheses and Special Materials (OPMEs).

With an intuitive online platform, we provide automation and efficient management of the quotation and purchase process, ensuring traceability and transparency according to the specific needs of each client, ensuring compliance with compliance and LGPD standards.

Furthermore, our OPMEs management and purchasing system integrates the entire chain, developing, cataloging and managing an online database, automating and managing quotation and purchasing processes, and providing exclusive support to monitor our clients business.