Orthotics, Prosthetics
and Special Materials (OPMEs)

Orthotics, Prosthetics and Specialty Materials (OPMEs) play a crucial role in treating a variety of complex medical conditions. These medical devices cover a wide range of products, from surgical implants to materials used in therapeutic and diagnostic procedures.


Orthoses are medical devices designed to provide support, stabilization, correction, or protection to a part of the body. They can be used to treat musculoskeletal injuries, correct deformities or improve physical function. Common examples include orthotics for knees, ankles, elbows, and hands.


Prosthetics are artificial devices designed to replace or assist a part of the body that is missing or dysfunctional. They can be used to restore function lost due to amputations, traumatic injuries, or congenital conditions. Common prosthetics include prosthetic limbs, such as arms and legs, and prosthetic organs, such as artificial heart valves.


Specialty materials refer to a variety of medical products used in surgical, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. This may include implantable materials such as screws, plates, and fixation devices, as well as specialized surgical instruments and advanced diagnostic equipment.

The management and acquisition of OPMEs are critical aspects of hospital administration and healthcare service delivery. This involves the process of selecting, purchasing, storing, distributing and using these devices, ensuring their availability when needed, maintaining quality and controlling costs.

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The field of OPMEs is constantly evolving, with technological advances and new discoveries continually shaping the landscape. However, this also presents challenges, including access to cutting-edge devices, cost-effectiveness issues, and changing government regulations.

OPMEs play a vital role in the delivery of modern healthcare, providing innovative solutions for a variety of clinical needs. Effective management of these devices is essential to ensure positive outcomes for patients and operational efficiency for healthcare institutions.

A pioneer, Inpart Saúde plays a crucial role in the management and supply of OPMEs. Through advanced automation solutions, data management and strategic partnerships with manufacturers and suppliers, Inpart Saúde facilitates access to high-quality OPMEs, ensuring transparency, traceability and efficiency throughout the purchasing and distribution process.

Furthermore, Inpart Saúde offers personalized services and exclusive support for hospitals, healthcare operators, suppliers and other stakeholders in the sector, adapting to the specific needs of each client and contributing to better and more accessible healthcare for everyone.

With a continuous commitment to innovation, excellence and ethics in business, Inpart Saúde is a reliable partner for healthcare institutions seeking to optimize their management of OPMEs and offer the best possible care to patients.